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About Us

This site is meant to serve as forum for communication, discussion, and “healthy academic debate” on timely policy issues. NERI’s Institute for Health Services and Disparities Research serves as the foundation for this forum.

NERI’s Institute for Health Services and Disparities Research mission is to identify:

  1. What are the root causes of health disparities? (upstream healthy public policy)
  2. What’s the best way to organize effective care using 21st century new media technologies? (efficiency)
  3. What works? (comparative effectiveness)

Our research approach has deep theoretical roots and important implications for programs designed to reduce or eliminate health disparities. Focusing on individual at-risk behaviors and increasing access to care is unlikely to attack some root causes of health disparities. Current efforts often overlook the “upstream” sociopolitical and economic determinants of “downstream” health care disparities.

NERI’s approach, often termed “healthy public policy,” shifts the focus away from “downstream” behavior (health education to reduce risk factors) and even “midstream” organizational approaches (reengineering health care and improving access) to “upstream” socio-political interventions to improve population-level health.

About Us
Heretic's Corner
10/4/2011 - Posted by NERI Upstream
For example, how useful is it to encourage households in poverty (experiencing food insecurity) to consume more costly “healthful” diets (lean meats, whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruit). The examples are endless............