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Services & Expertise


In addition to its capabilities for designing and running all types of health services and disparities research studies, NERI offers the following specific services:

  • Study quality assessment
    • Internal and external validity
    • Exposure, confounder, endpoint definitions
  • Protocol, case report forms, and informed consent forms development
  • Development and validation of survey instruments to measure patient-reported outcomes
  • Literature reviews and meta-analysis
  • Scientific conference presentations
  • Manuscript development and publication


Our approach to health services and disparities research challenges the prevailing notion of a hierarchy of research methods. We recognize that that there is no correct methodological approach. Different research questions necessarily require different research methods. This view allows qualitative research and quantitative methods to work in partnership to provide the best evidence-based research on the causes and consequences of disparities in health. Health Services and Disparities Research at NERI focuses on the organizational and system level of public health issues in order to understand what contributes to health disparities. Our research goal is to inform guidelines and policies and to rethink inadequate or unfocused organizational structures.

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Heretic's Corner
10/4/2011 - Posted by NERI Upstream
For example, how useful is it to encourage households in poverty (experiencing food insecurity) to consume more costly “healthful” diets (lean meats, whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruit). The examples are endless............